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Doing business in Spain?

The Spanish legal system is based on the continental system of law (where the laws and regulations are more important than case law and customs, opposite to the common law system). It is a complex legal system because the different legal systems of the diverse autonomous regions of Spain coexist with the Spanish legal system. For example, in Barcelona, Catalan law coexists with Spanish law. Given this particular complexity,  before doing business in Spain we recommend you to count with the assistance of local experts. We can help you.

Our advantage in this area is that we offer a comprehensive high quality legal service at fair prices. Our infrastructure is minimum, which allows us to offer interesting rates. Depending on your needs at each time, I choose the most adequate professionals to solve each matter. All lawyers who I collaborate with have also worked for top-10 law firms, but depending on your particular needs I will choose some profiles or others (area, seniority, etc.). And you will always have a sole contact person. You will find more information on each area in the following menu. Please give us a call if you have any doubts.


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