Immigration Law

Are you moving to Spain?

In Spain, official information is scarce, disperse and sometimes contradictory. Simple paperwork can turn into a real headache if one does not know the laws and local practices. In order to know what documents you will need, how, where and when to obtain them it is essential to have someone expert who guides you. We can help you.

Our advantage in immigration law, versus other law firms, is that we do not only provide legal advice but we also take care of all paperwork and steps necessary to obtain the documents that you need to live, work or operate in Spain. We simplify processes to the maximum and minimize the time that you need to spend on them, as we can even take many steps while you are in your country. You can leave it with us and be calm. Moreover, we speak your language.

Immigration Law

We help foreign companies and individuals to obtain and renew the necessary ID documents and permits to live, buy a property, do businesses, work and/or study in Spain.

extranjeriaFor example:

– ID number for foreigners (NIE),

– Foreigner’s ID card (TIE),

– “Golden Visas” or authorizations for residency for non-EU citizens that invest a minimum of 500,000 Euro in real estate in Spain free of charges.


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