Why CJ International Lawyer?


Why CJ International Lawyer?

Every country has its own regulations, language, bureaucracy and way of working. Spain is not an exception. Moreover, in Catalonia (with an autonomous parliament, specific regulations and a language of its own), where Catalan law coexists with Spanish law, having a lawyer that guides and advises you on the different issues is often inevitable. Knowing what must be processed, where, how and when are issues that we solve with the most simplicity possible, minimizing to the maximum the time that you have to spend on it, making easy something that without specialized assistance can become a real headache.

IMG_9049However, it is not always easy for foreigners in Spain to find a lawyer who speaks their language and has the expertise to simplify and solve their issues. Therefore, many foreigners end up hiring a big law firm with high rates. Without any intention to underestimate the service that big law firms offer, we know that a great part of their fees is based on the costs of their infrastructure and the value of their trade mark.

CJ International offers multidisciplinar professionals with experience in the above-referred reputed law firms (top 10) but without such overhead costs, which in our opinion are almost always unnecessary to solve your issues. Thanks to our national and international expertise and due to the fact that we speak several languages, we understand exactly what our clients need and we are able to provide them with adequate solutions in a timely manner.

In summary, if you do not want to be bothered with all paperwork when settling in Barcelona and/or are looking for serious legal advice for/in Spain with a personalized service at fair rates, please contact us.

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